[Acquired] BugReplay is a bug reporting tool for developers. The patented software creates a screen recording and syncs it with network traffic & JavaSript logs, giving your developers all the information they need to fix the issue. Patent US20180032389A1

A collection of cloud-based tools to make live broadcasts more interactive. Whether streaming to one location like Facebook or to multiple platforms at once, Effi allows the audience to participate from wherever they’re watching. 

Collaborative Entertainment Network

A mobile-first platform, TVCO is dedicated is a hub for collaborative entertainment. Supporting both synchronous and asynchronous audience participation and interactions, TVCO is where all the activity happens in between live episodes. 
Supported shows have their own communities where members can participate and contribute to the content and direction of the show. Using vlog's, rich text and reacting to producer or user generated content, the audience has a voice and influences the evolving show.

Based in New York, Five Hudson is a production company that specializes in collaborative entertainment. Creating engaging shows that elevate the viewing experience by incorporating audience participation in new and exciting ways.

Vidso is our interactive social video platform built around community that is available for white labeling. Out of the box, customizable solution marrying content, distribution, and monetization (available on iOS, Android, and web). Features include live video broadcasts, vlogs, communities & more.


Joanna Kaufman, esq.

Tyler Korff, esq.